Our fitness programmes are designed to cater to all the needs of everyone. You can choose from Exercise, Nutrition and Mindset plan or you can buy them all as you like. Each of the plans is customised according to your needs.


All our exercise plans use your own bodyweight as resistance which means you don’t need to go buy a gym membership or any fitness equipment at all. We give you instructional exercise video which will guide you through workouts that take less than an hour every day.

Moreover, every exercise plan incorporates elements of yoga, HIIT, calisthenics, Pilates, circuit training, movement and flexibility training to ensure that you reach your weight loss and fitness goals in the quickest, most effective way.

Exercise Plans


Our nutrition plans are created to suit the Indian body type and taste buds. Eating healthy can fit into your current eating habits with a few small and important changes that enable you in achieving your fitness and weight loss targets.

The daily meal plans we provide ensure that you get all the nutrients that your body needs to function optimally. However, we understand that a meal plan must also appeal to your palette so we provide Continental, South and North Indian options for every single meal.

Nutrition Plans


Our mindset plan is geared to help you get the most out of the fitness programmes. Daily guided meditation increases awareness of your body, reinforcing the body-mind connect. Weekly mindset activities provide science-based tools that improve the quality of your day at work and at home.

The mindset solutions we provide help in everything from pushing yourself harder during exercise and being more productive at work to feeling more assertive, mindful and fulfilled in everyday life.

Mindset Plans