Who we are, what we do

Who we are

We – livebeingfit.com – are an online health and fitness company based in India. We have designed fitness programmes that help Indians focus on making healthy living a reality. We have over the years tried numerous exercise programmes, weight-loss regimens and dietary plans, which helped us achieve results for a short time yet we were not been able to adapt these know-hows into our daily eating habits and practices. Through these trials, we have come to realise that fitness isn’t a fad but needs the right mindset and approach to become a way of being. It needs a take-charge attitude to create balance in our lives.

We are convinced that turning fitness into a lifestyle choice is possible only if it is initially minimally disruptive and geared towards flowing in our lives. We aren’t interested in creating programmes that showed short-term results because there are not quick fixes. We believe that enabling awareness, educating, providing solid information and knowledge will help any individual to take sustained control of their body and mind. We are intersted in the long run.

We believe striking a balance between exercise and proper nutrition backed by a supportive community and founded on fostering the right mindset, which is often ignored, is the holistic approach. We in our programmes provide practical skills, knowledge and expertise through our four-pillar approach – exercise, nutrition, mindset and community – to empower you to take more control over your body and mind. We are made up of a team of international experts with a wealth of experience and understand fitness as the mind and body working at their optimum and in synergy. We want to make this possible for you!


Experts who deliver. And the platform that transforms. By harnessing the power of good nutrition, Exercise, and mindset, we unleash unrivaled possibilities for lifestyle transformation.