Our Story – Live Being Fit

livebeingfit.com came to life as a direct result of co-founders Saru Gupta’s and Navjeet Randhawa’s personal experiences with health and fitness. Over the course of 15 years of trial and error, of short-term successes and failures, there was a crystallisation of one thought: Fitness is a process and lifestyle, not an end goal.

We believe that fitness is a holistic pursuit that is as much about the mind as it is about the body. With hectic schedules and pressure from work and family demands, it can seem hard to find time to travel to the gym or cook elaborate and unrealistic meals. Yet, there are things we can all do to move towards a healthier lifestyle, one manageable change at a time.

We help you bring those changes bit by bit, in your diet, in your exercise routine and in other areas of your life too. Over time, these changes have the power to transform your lifestyle. We do that by causing minimal disruption in your day to day life. We do it with realistic and practical fitness programmes that fit into your life, instead of expecting you to disrupt your life! We empower you to take control of your health with an affordable and convenient service.

Whether it is nutrition, exercise or meditation, balance is the key to success. And when we say “success” we mean long lasting lifestyle change that helps you make health and fitness a way of life, a process. We are here to help you be the best version of yourself.

Saru Gupta (co-founder):

Growing up in India I wasn’t taught about nutrition or exercise. So when I first moved overseas I tried numerous fad diets and weight loss programmes that produced short term results. Over the following decade I slipped further into ill-health trying to balance demanding corporate jobs with my social and personal life.

While I looked like I was in great shape, in reality I was struggling to find a balance between the various aspects of my life, particularly my health. That’s what prompted me to educate myself about fitness practices that prioritised actual health over unrealistic ideas about body image. Over the course of further exploration I understood that fitness begins in our minds. I believe that by engaging with ourselves and cultivating awareness do we make true health become a reality.

My experiences have inspired me to share this knowledge with others who need it because I believe I would have benefitted if I had received the proper advice and guidance when I needed it. I want to play a role in educating and empowering people on their fitness journey and that is why I started livebeingfit.com.

Even when busy educating herself about the latest developments in health and fitness, Saru is an avid distance runner with several competitive runs under her belt. Her wide range of interests, from the spiritual to the scientific, have drawn her to seek new ideas all over the world. Her abiding interest in people, and what drives and motivates us, is something she constantly puts time and energy into learning more about. Saru has worked for over a decade in Finance, Banking, and Tax Consulting. She has lived in India, the USA and Australia.

Navjeet Randhawa (co-founder and CEO):

As with most young men, my fitness journey began with a gym membership. At the time all I wanted to do was lift heavier weights and build more muscle. I paid little attention to improving my flexibility, endurance or conditioning. Moreover, I did not supplement my exercise with a balanced nutritional intake.

The result was that even though I looked good, I felt sluggish and unenergetic. I realised that my gym membership has not improved the quality of my daily life in any significant ways. That’s when I began to experiment with home workouts and realised that I didn’t need a gym to exercise. Not only that, by working on all aspects of physical fitness, eating right and engaging with my mind I found that the quality of my day improved. I lost weight, found myself brimming with energy and was, more than anything, relaxed and connected with myself.

When I was going through this period I found it very hard to find solutions that met my requirements. There were no easily accessible fitness programmes that could fit into my schedule. This led me to co-found livebeingfit.com. I want livebeingfit.com to be a positive force that brings about a much needed change in the fitness industry while empowering people to take control of their own health and fitness.

If you can’t reach Navjeet on the phone that’s probably because he’s just jumped off a plane for his latest skydive or trekking a remote and challenging mountain. His passion for extreme sports sees him constantly trying to push his boundaries both physically and mentally. Navjeet’s ongoing quest for the perfect cup of coffee drives him to strange and interesting cafes all over the world. Navjeet has worked in marketing, operations management, and the energy sector over his decade long career. He has lived in India and Australia.