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Who we are, what we do

We – livebeingfit.com – are an online health and fitness company based in India. We have designed fitness programmes that help Indians focus on making healthy living a reality. We have over the years tried numerous exercise programmes, weight-loss regimens and dietary plans, which helped us achieve results for a short time yet we were not been able to adapt these know-hows into our daily eating habits and practices. Through these trials, we have come to realise that fitness isn’t a fad but needs the right mindset and approach to become a way of being. It needs a take-charge attitude to create balance in our lives.

We are convinced that turning fitness into a lifestyle choice is possible only if it is initially minimally disruptive and geared towards flowing inot our lives. We aren’t interested in creating programmes that showed short-term results because there are not quick fixes. We believe that enabling awareness, educating, providing solid information and knowledge will help any individual to take sustained control of their body and mind. We are intersted in the long run.

We believe striking a balance between exercise and proper nutrition backed by a supportive community and founded on fostering the right mindset, which is often ignored, is the holistic approach. We in our programmes provide practical skills, knowledge and expertise through our four-pillar approach – exercise, nutrition, mindset and community – to empower you to take more control over your body and mind. We are made up of a team of international experts with a wealth of experience and understand fitness as the mind and body working at their optimum and in synergy. We want to make this possible for you!

The Team

Amparo Burke has been in the health and fitness world since the age of sixteen with a certification from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. Amparo has since then maintained her certification for the past two decades by educating herself and training others in step, kickboxing, cycling, Pilates, zumba, BodyPump and various other fitness education classes. Amparo is biology major from the Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California that she pursued because of long-standing interest in physiology, anatomy and nutrition. She also studied at the Cleveland Chiropractic School and became a chiropractic doctor over a decade ago to help people relieve pain but also to educate them on exercise and nutrition.

Amparo’s fitness philosophy is about changing it up to keep it fun and to see long-term results.

Never do the same thing over and over because you will not get long term results. You must cross train. If you do cardio, make sure you also stretch. Shock your body with something different every chance you get. The same goes with nutrition. Eat healthy but try a large variety of healthy foods.

Sagar Diwan is a National medal-winning judo champion, who began training at the age of nine and was part of the Indian National Judo team until he left it in 2005. Sagar is a Titleist Performance Institute-certified golf fitness trainer and a CrossFit level 1 trainer who currently works with golfers like Jeev Milkha Singh, Gaganjeet Bhullar and Himmat Rai among others in Chandigarh as well as providing online fitness training to golfers in the United States.

Sagar’s fitness philosophy is based on returning to the basics and making fitness an integrated part of one’s life.

I believe in working on primary movements that we execute in our daily life like squats, lunges, pushing, pulling, bending, twisting and walking that seem to have been hampered by the sedentary modern-day lifestyles we have adopted. We should train ourselves in these movements to avoid injury and dysfunction.

Namrata Sethi is a gold medallist in the Masters in Science (Foods and Nutrition) programme from the Delhi University. She has previously worked as centre head of the Dubai branch of the VLCC International LLC and is currently the assistant professor at Government Home Science College in Chandigarh.

Namrata’s fitness philosophy is about making informed, responsible choices about the food we eat.

The key to good health and a good life is balance and moderation. This principle should be applied to choosing one’s food. Every little bite is filled with some goodness; every kind of food has its own wonderful benefits. It is important to choose the right food for your body and its needs. It is important to be armed with the information to make these choices.

Dr. Nicolas Roost’s curiosity about the workings of the body and eagerness to work with people led him to become an osteopath leaving behind a career in environmental engineering. Nicolas holds a Bachelor in Applied Science Complementary Medicine – BAppSc(Comp Med) and has attended post-graduate courses in cranial osteopathy and visceral osteopathy (organ manipulation). He is currently clinic director at ‘Healthpoint Osteopathic Clinic’ in Melbourne, Australia. He regularly practices Tai Chi, Yoga and meditation.

Nicolas’ philosophy is based on interacting closely with his people and unleashing the body’s natural mechanisms and abilities.

I find deep satisfaction in helping people achieve better health and wellbeing. In practice as an osteopath I use gentle, non-manipulative techniques to mobilise the body’s self-healing mechanisms. When we take deeper look at our bodies, we see a strong connection between our organs, musculoskeletal system and our mind.

My journey in the field of psychology started in 2004 by opting Psychology as one the major subjects in my high school. The continuous increase in my passion and inclination towards the subject, motivated me to complete my post-graduation in psychology with specialization in applied counseling, clinical psychology and organizational behavior. With a background in psychology and organizational behavior, I started my career in 2011 as a Counseling Psychologist with the Health Department of Chandigarh in their Drug De-addiction and Rehabilitation Center. Past my three years of dealing with the rehabilitation cases in my first job, I am currently working with LBF as a Psychologist. The constant need to grow and upgrade myself motivated me undertake a specialized course in Guidance and counseling. The curiosity to understand human behavior in an organizational set –up guided my decision to pursue MBA in Human resource.

Over the period of four years of working, I have developed the key skills of Counseling and Psychological testing. Dealing with Rehabilitation cases is something that really excites me.

I truly believe acceptance is the first step towards success.

Lino has been in the health and fitness industry in 2006 when he became a qualified Personal Trainer in Melbourne, Australia. Since then earned numerous certifications and qualifications including a qualification as a Level 1 Running Coach from Athletics Victoria. He has also a qualified Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach (Australian Strength and Conditioning Association). As the owner of Step into Life fitness centre in Melbourne, he conducts several running programmes to help people train for anything from a fun run to races up to a full marathon.

Lino’s philosophy is based on a programmatic approach to fitness:

My approach to exercise and fitness training is consistency and variety. Over the years those who train consistently, week in week out, are the ones that achieve their goals and usually do so with fewer injuries. There are many aspects to being healthy and fit and incorporating all aspects of it into a fitness programme is important.

Susan is a certified Advanced Practitioner of Life Coaching from The Coaching Institute in Melbourne, Australia. As a Transformational Life Coach, Susan specialises in the area of mental wellbeing. She is the author of “Lighten Up – The Weight is Over”, a book that address the mindset of achieving a healthy body. Susan stays fit by indulging her love for mountain biking, playing tennis and bushwalking in Tasmania, where she lives.

Susan’s approach to fitness is based on balance:

In order to experience fitness in the mind, body or spirit, we must work on all these components as a imbalance in the mind or spirit will affect our body and vice versa.